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octrev6130Abracinskas the peasants of the volost of Penza province agreed to make peace terms with Germany, “for better a bad peace than a good quarrel” . Peasants S. Kazan, Arcade, welcoming the ratification of the peace Treaty with Germany, agreed: “We are in the moment, having no army, can not declare an open world fight predators,but we received extortionate world use as a respite for the revolutionary people’s Army, to build our Railways, factories etc …” Alatyr uyezd Congress of peasant Simbirsk province on 14 March decided to join “the immediate conclusion of peace…” . The mood of the workers was well expressed by the Russian peasants-Bektashism parish of Saint – Greensboro County: “Under the threat of military pressure, the movement of the soul each of us must be such that the only way out: it is better to die than to sign such a peace that brings us unheard-of trials. But when the mind of each of us comes into its own and makes a sober regard to the circumstances of the moment, then, as harsh conditions of the world, for the salvation of the revolution has no other choice as to sign itself.” Sengileevskaya the Congress passed a resolution on approval of conclusion of peace with Germany.

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The triumph of the capitalists

Everywhoctrev6063ere on the captured belhachemi the territory of the socialist-revolutionaries and Mensheviks descended quickly from the political arena. It was actually ruled by the capitalists, the landowners and representing their political parties. “The complete triumph of the capitalists and landlords, said Lenin at the rally of 30 August 1918года, — the groan and the curse among workers and peasants. Land given to nobles, factories and plants to their former owners. The eight-hour day is destroyed, working and peasant organizations was abolished, and its place is restored tsarist Zemstvo and the old police authority.”

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The cessation of fratricidal war

octrev8545As the garment workers, railroad workers in his order of July 4, 1918 wrote: “… to Protest against the mobilization, and to require the members of the Constituent Assembly and stop the fratricidal war and to demand transfer of power to the working conference, which can procrastibation disagreements about the war… after it announced the members of the Constituent Assembly the mobilization itself the power of folk do not recognize. To re-elect a working conference to equip all workers and to release all the freedom fighters and to cancel all the arrests who spoke on the meetings and rallies, and also against the arrests of their political beliefs to vigorously protest” . And it was the part of railroad workers and depots to capture the Samara belhachemi more than others were influenced by the socialist-revolutionaries and Mensheviks. It took only a month to their mood changed so fast.

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A red army detachment

octrev21466Sent to Simbirsk their volunteers of textile Guri – Evie, Isheevka, Ignatovka, yazykova and other factory towns. From them was formed a red army detachment in 250 people. Arrived in Simbirsk and the units formed by the rural poor, including 32 people from the village Tashla Simbirsk province.So said the poor peasant to the call: “we must not Tarry a single minute! All to arms! Don’t let the landlords and capitalists to shackle themselves in chains!” . All men of the agricultural village commune Tushna Simbirsk uyezd joined the ranks of the red Army. 250 Old farmers of the village the Chipmunks decided to organize a team and send it in Simbirsk.

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Egalitarian land distribution

octrev13191Egalitarian distribution of land has resulted in an egalitarian distribution of live and dead inventory. On March 23, 1918, Samara uyezd Commissariat of agriculture offered the volost Soviets of peasants ‘ deputies to provide Pro-poor agricultural inventory, from privately owned estates.”Dead stock to take control of the parish Council and to give it over to citizens at the discretion of the parish Council” ,— stated in the decision of the Commissariat.

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